• In the end

    I saw you somewhere

    I don't know here or there

    all what I know that

    I love you...

    I need you...

    I miss you every moment...

    But, in THE END

    I lost you, I leave you

    I regret that But it's too late

    It's our destiny

    Being sorry it's not easy

    Suffring from that it's the hardest...

    Any way, the Life continu even without you...

  • Commentaires

    Mercredi 4 Avril 2007 à 14:11
    jolie texte.....c'est terrible j'adore cet artiste "glitter sniffer" Il fait du bon travail!
    Mercredi 4 Avril 2007 à 14:17
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!c mon texte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    merci mé de kel "glitter" tu parl????!!!!!!!!!!! cé mon texte à  moi...c moi ki la écri avec my own words!!!!! come on!
    Mercredi 4 Avril 2007 à 14:33
    Dead or born
    Really magnificient! this blood which makes us suffer in this banned life emerge from the deepest of our soul ! No one understand our grief,our sorrow,this life ended by death,this love ended by hate!Nothin' is good,all things are forbidden!
    Mercredi 4 Avril 2007 à 22:10
    non je ne parlai pas de ton texte mais de la photo!! bye!!!!
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